Power BI Training

Training can be provided corporately or on-demand. All session are run by Warren Dean who is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Join over 1,700 successful trainees. Reach out for more details.


Warren Dean, Power BI Wizard and Founder of DataTale, delivers valuable and pragmatic Power BI training. I am a hands-on learner and in one day only, I came away with all the skills I needed. Whatever your role, data analytics, visualisation and influence is an undeniable and essential skill for the future - don't get left behind. Hot tip: Start your Power BI journey here!

Kristin Davies
Kristin Davies
Senior Planner - Strategy and Policy, Greater City of Geelong

I had the opportunity to attend Warren’s Power BI Training for local governments and it really enhanced my Power BI skills. It assisted me to uncover some of the cool features that I wasn’t aware before. Training was well organised and I would recommend it for future users.

Dinithi Pallegedara
Customer Experience Data and Reporting Officer, Manningham City Council

I recently attended a Power BI Training session and it really hit the mark for me in both the pitch of the session and the level of technical insight. There was a lot to cover, but it was exciting to see the reports take shape throughout the day. The team were very intuitive in spotting those of us who were in need of help or sometimes just providing encouragement that we were on the right track!

Tanya McGuckian
Corporate Performance Officer, Whitehorse City Council

I would highly recommend undertaking this course if you're new to Power BI or if you're looking to take your Power BI skill-set to a higher level. The course provided me with practical insights into Power BI and its benefits as a business intelligence tool, particularly in the Local Government workplace.

Mark Micallef
Senior DBA, Latrobe City Council

I found the training was targeted at the perfect level for beginners and early users of the software. It was great to get the terminology and foundations laid correctly to start with and then exploring commonly used functions and tricks, which I had previously found difficult on Google as a new user.

Brendan McDonald
Analyst - Strategic Assets Management, Warrnambool City Council

Warren provided an informative training session that significantly assisted my knowledge and skills with PowerBI. The assistance provided on the day was exceptional and I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to upskill themselves in this area.

Liam Eade
Senior Performance & Reporting Analyst, Latrobe City Council

I attended one of DataTale's training sessions for Power BI early this year and it was incredibly eye opening how quickly the world of data analytics is moving.

DataTale does a fantastic job of demonstrating how useful and efficient Power BI can be, but doesn't hold back when showcasing some of the true power of the program. The training session has everything for everyone, from basic visualisations of datasets to connections into SQL databases, configuring gateways and loading mapping visuals through APIs.

It's well worth the full day of training and I certainly took back the training notes for help on some of the projects I'm currently working on.

Buddhima Edi
Asset Management Coordinator, Colac Otway Shire

I found the Power BI training extremely helpful, well thought out, in depth and informative. The training structure was very hands on, which I enjoyed very much. Warren provided us with a real life scenario and a instruction manual that outlined step by step how to construct a Power BI report based on that particular scenario structuring the training this way gave me a complete end to end understanding of the application and its features.

Mitchell Williams
EPMO Officer, Bayside City Council